Electrolux Dishwasher Recall

One of our readers recently had a problem with his Electrolux dishwasher, overheating with the potential of fire or scalding. If you are having problems with your Electrolux, Dishlex or Westinghouse diswasher, particularly the control panel heating up, you should read this article in depth. Read about Chris’ story below and check the information about an Electrolux dishwasher warning.

Chris from WA writes:

“On the 30th of July 2008, after some discussions with Electrolux regarding the safety of their machine I was told in an e-mail from Electrolux to disconnect the machine that I had purchased and not to use it.”

Chris explained, “Since that time I have had several exchanges of e-mail with Electrolux and now after more than eight weeks they have failed to contact me, collect their faulty product and supply a refund as promised. I purchased the Dishwasher on the 5th Nov 2007 for the sum of $780.00 and paid with a credit card. In April 2008 I stopped using the machine after I was told that there was a fault that could result in a fire. The machine was then modified by placing a piece of electrical tape behind the connectors within the door. I then found out that 181 electrical fires had occurred with this model of machine and a further 25 machines had caused fires after the modification had been applied. That was June 2008. I had already stopped using the machine before contacting Electrolux for fear of fire.”

“I have now received some legal advice and am told that the original contract is with the shop and therefore the responsibility for this dangerous machine is theirs and that in “Law” it is up to them to reimburse me and for them to take the matter up with the suppliers/manufacturers, Electrolux.” said Chris.

“I am out of pocket $780.00 plus $55.00 to assist me in getting the new machine to the second floor of my house and helping with the installation. I am also out of pocket as far as two months interest on the $780.00 since I had to purchased a new machine. The old Electrolux machine is taking up space in my bathroom. There are a range of machines from Electrolux, Dishlex and Westinghouse that can set fire to your home and are subject to a product recall. You should check if you have recently purchased a machine. I now have a Bosch and it’s a great machine.”

“The model I have is D/DX303WK/W” said Chris from WA.

The models affected are:

  • Electrolux EX401ISB Dishwasher
  • Electrolux ESL6163 Dishwasher
  • Dishlex DX303SK Dishwasher
  • Dishlex DX303WK Dishwasher
  • Westinghouse SB908WK Dishwasher
  • Westinghouse SB908SK Dishwasher
  • Westinghouse SB916SK Dishwasher
  • Westinghouse SB926SK Dishwasher
  • Westinghouse SB926WK Dishwasher

Chris also mentioned his experience with dealing with Electrolux about the problem, “I am totally disgusted in this company. They have done nothing but give me the runaround. I purchased in good faith and I believe the shop sold to me not knowing that there was a problem. Electrolux on the other hand have put lives at risk and I have had to threaten the shop with legal action before getting any response from Electrolux. The recall is on the Government site http://www.recalls.gov.au. I think that Electrolux is a GE company.”

Here are some more details if you think you have one of the dishwashing machines affected:

Electrolux, Electrolux Dishlex and Westinghouse Dishwashers

Date: 03/12/2007

Supplier Name: Electrolux Home Products Pty Ltd

Product Info: Two Electrolux models - EX401ISB and ESL6163. Two Electrolux Dishlex models - DX303SK and DX303WK. Six Westinghouse models - SB908WK, SB908SK, SB916WK,SB916SK, SB926WK, SB926SK. Serial number range 70700000 - 72400000. The dishwashers were sold after 1 April 2007.

Defect Details: A wire connector within the appliance may, in extreme cases, overheat and cause a small self-contained fire or melting of plastic components within the control panel. Product failure will result.

Consumer action: If you own one of these dishwashers, please have the model and serial number ready and the toll free number 1800 001 218 to register your details during the following hours: Monday to Friday: 9am and 6pm EST and weekends 8am and 1pm EST. Electrolux will make arrangements for a service technician to call and check your appliance free of charge.

Market Coverage: National

Recall Coverage: National


  1. Jason Says:

    I find it amazing that when the recall was announced for particular models that my DX302WB Dishlex was not affected, still in it’s original wty period I had checked all numbers.
    I thought my unit was safe as it was not mentioned in the recall.
    Now OUT of the factory wty period, I have a drama of no heating, find a solder joint on the circuit board absolutely burnt out, and the plastic housing has a large black scorch mark on it which is an extremely dangerous potential fire and electrical shock hazard.
    My dishwasher is only 3 years old.
    Any effort to contact Electrolux during the day is near impossible due to my work conditions and also the lack of care from the phone system. This is not a retailer issue, it is a manufacture defect that threatens all living life.
    A quick search on the internet proves that this fault is very common, and not just a “one off”.
    I hope to get some reply of good nature from Elctrolux to resolve this matter, as I would hate to start bagging such a good product due to the fact the manufacturer’s can’t admit to a huge life threataning defect.

    I should have bought a bosch, at least they respect their customers a bit better and admit to any defects and cover all costs involved.

  2. Teena hardinge Says:

    Our problem is exactly the same as Jason’s our model is DX302WB also and is just 4 years old. It to will not heat and on looking at the circuit board ours is also black with scorch marks. I agree that it is not a “one off” problem and lucky our house didn’t burn down.

  3. Felicity Black Says:

    We also have the same problem as Jason and Teena. We have a DX302 which does not heat. We will be contacting Electrolux in the next day or so to get it checked out. It seems more than a co-incidence that just three mentions in this feedback column have the same problem with the same model.

  4. Warren Stone Says:

    We also have a Electrolux Dishlex though the model number is DX300WA#2. It has a failed main board, though it has not shorted and caught fire. This unit pre dates the others on the recall list but I’d say the problem has persisted for some time without being attended to by Electrolux. There’ll be no more Electrolux products in our home.

  5. Paul Says:

    Same problem here with DX302. Again- just out of warranty period. I rang Electrolux, and mentioned the circuit board issue that I had seen on internet. I was discourage of this possibility and edvised more likely to be element requiring replacement. Finally checked circuit board on my control panelto find it has been scorched as described above. Other websites ( e.g. http://www.fixya.com/support/t579479-dishwasher_dishlex_dx302wb_no_hot_water) have photos with identical burn mark. I have requested Electrolux to investigate further and referring to Dept Fair trading

  6. Paul Says:

    Further to my post of March 4th, I am happy to say that after further discussion with Electrolux they have agreed to replace the control panel at no charge, and outside the manufacturers warranty period. I have also sent Electrolux a copy of at least 15 comments (including those on this page) from different people mentioning the same fault with this model.

  7. David Says:

    I have a similar story. A 302 model has just stopped heating the water after about four years of use. It does get used almost everyday so it has been reasonably well used over that period, but still it’s not the sort of failure you would expect, and it follows a similar failure with the Simpson machine that resulted in us buying this machine.

  8. Graham Says:

    I also had the same problem with my dx302, dry joint which had burnt out.Make sure when your resoldering to check other joints as well as I checked my control board under a microscope and found several joints with either a lack of solder or cracks running through the solder all of which would of eventually failed-CHEAP IMPORTS!

  9. Tim Says:

    My DX302 has exactly the same problem as each of you above. I will be calling Electrolux tomorrow and requesting a solution. I think the authorities should have requested a recall for all models affected. I also think that Electolux should be dragged over hot coals for letting this go on!! I will let you all know how i go tomorrow.

  10. Henry Says:

    “I now have a Bosch and it’s a great machine”

    Google “bosch dishwasher fire” and you’ll realize that the Bosch you bought also has a recall and is a fire hazard.

  11. Kate Says:

    Tim mine is a DX302 and same thing as well, did you get anywhere with Electrolux, i think we would get a replacement because it is a fair trading issue - the product we bought did not perform as it should.

  12. Deborah Says:

    I also have a Electrolux DX302/403. Trolling the review pages for a new dishwasher because - guess what - my Electrolux is not heating. I have no idea where the control panel is, but now seems likely it is the same fault as everyone else is experiencing.

  13. Graeme Says:

    I have a DX302 that doesn’t heat. Pulled the control panel out, no sign of ‘dry joints’ put it back in and the machine worked well for a while. Is not heating again, so we give the panel a good bang before each wash and it seems to work. Plan on replacing the panel soon, cheaper than a new machine and don’t need an electrician to do it.

  14. Kim Says:

    Wow. My dishwasher stopped heating too. I have already paid $200 once to have the heating element replaced. It worked again for about 8 months and died again. In disgust I restorted to washing up by hand again-no mean feat considering I have a family and work two jobs!!! Maybe instead of paying another $200 I will purchase a new dishwasher and one not made by Electrolux!!! It appears obvious from the comments posted that I will receive little satisfaction from Electrolux!

  15. Kim Says:

    Just rang Electrolux-and you guessed it-no help there! Would assume I have the same problem as everyone else-I will be boycotting Electrolux dishwashers and everything and anything else made by them! Word of mouth is a powerful advertising tool-luckily I like to talk.

  16. philD Says:

    Our DX302 stopped heating so after reading all these tales of woe I opened up the control box and guess what….same story. Melted solder joint below the relay, just like all the rest. Now I resoldered it, and it’s working, but I’m not confident it will stay that way for long because the copper track is quite corroded and now it’s just held together with a ribbon of solder.
    Has anyone had any luck with getting a new replacement out of Electrolux? I would accept that and fit it myself, but will they come to the party?

  17. lynda Says:

    I have a DX302 that has just packed it in after 2 and a half years . Really loud noise from the motor when started and a strong electrical smell from the front panel. Pulled the panel out looked ok started it up again same loud noise and VERY strong smell from the front panel. Would not buy another electrolux product. There is obviously a problem in their electrical components that is affecting a lot of models and electrolux are not willing to address this issue.Will be looking at a Miele post Xmas special.Anyone have a suggestion about a good replacement?

  18. Nina Says:

    I am quite shocked to see all these comments. I have the same DX302 dishwasher ( water not heating) & thought I would check the net for a possible solution - looks like is not going to be that easy. Well I know I will be calling electrolux on Monday & see how they respond - I m not holding my breath though!!

  19. Harry Says:

    I have a DX403 and it worked well up until Jan 2009 (2 1/2 years). It then started to only heat to 42C. Had the control panel replaced twice (checked out the first panel before the electrician took it away and was unable to located any burns, hot areas etc). Electrician took machine away twice for testing over the next months and then replaced the turbidity sensor and said all was ok. Still only heated to 42C for a month or so and now won’t heat at all. Electrician still insists it’s fixed and stated the problem has nothing to do with the heater but is a control panel issue. The electrician (authorised service agent) is on my black list as they just took their money and ran for cover. They will not honor any warranty on the parts or their work. Unable to get ANY help from Electrolux. After 12 months of wasted time and money the machine will be going to the dump which is where the company deserves to be. I will NEVER buy one of their or associated product again. All crap.

  20. Gordon McPherson Says:

    We have spent over $800 on repairs and replacement parts to our seven year old Dishlex DX300WA Dishwasher. Repairman replaced the motor and pump under warranty twice because of excessive noise. The FAUTLY MOTORS and PUMPS (made in China)showed signs of water seepage when replaced. My repairman calls in the ELECTROLUX repairman who inspects the Dishwasher. He finds some signs of moisture in one corner of base plate and claims water leakage from an unknown source to be the problem. The electrolux repairman alleged their was no problem with the motors and that the original repairman wrongly diagnosed the cause of the noisy motors. Now we do not want to throw good money at this machine. I am completely pissed off with the ELECTROLUX repairman’s allegations and we are not convinced the water leakage is the cause of the problem.

  21. James Campbell Says:

    hi there
    I have a DX302WB Have had the no heating poblem for about 1 month now, am doing dishes by hand.
    i believe we should all take our complaints to the Office of Fair Trading or the Ombudsman.
    Maybe they need more preasure to recall our machines as well!
    Our machine is out of warranty period as well.

  22. Peter Menzel Says:

    I have a dishlex dx302 that is also not heating. I was ging to call a service man but looks like I might have a look at the control panel. Dose anyone know who to contact at elecrolux to get this obviously faulty product repaired or recaled

  23. Niran Says:

    Westinghouse SB926SK dishwasher 5 years old - suddenly heard a ‘POP’ one day and hey presto no heating. Thanks for similar experiences and how to fix the problem from varous helpful souls in the Internet, I was able to fix the control box PCB myself (possibly saving $300) - with half an inch of wire and a soldering iron. The PCB etched copper cannot handle the Heater load after a few years - so it gives way - if it does not burn out but simply keeps heating up then it can be a potential fire hazard.

  24. Kerry Says:

    My six year old Electolux Dishlex DX 403 dishwasher stopped heating the water. I found comments on the internet about burnt out solder joints in the control box. A friend opened the control box and found a blackened area on the back of the circuit board. Once the connection was re-soldered the water heated again. We also found that quite a few wires leading to the control box had overheated and the insulation had melted. Considering that this dishwasher was the top model from Electrolux at the time, I was not impressed. I had previously had a Vulcan Dishlex for almost 20 years.
    Thanks to those people who previously posted information about this fault.

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