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At Buy Dishwashers we have all the information that you will need to buy dishwashers online. On this site you will find information relating to the types, styles, features and prices of all the latest dishwasher models.

Why Buy Dishwashers?

The pace at which people are living is getting faster and faster. As our spare time becomes rarer we are looking to technology to help us manage our chores. Dishwashers are one of the best ways to reduce work time and increase time for you.

The dishwasher not only saves you time but it does an excellent job at cleaning and disinfecting your dishes. Sometimes stubborn grease or burnt on food takes a lot of effort to scrub off and we often miss spots that then accumulates bacteria. The dishwasher avoids this problem.

Dishwashers are also a fantastic way to save space as dirty dishes can be stack away inside and then used straight out of the machine when clean again.

Before You Buy a Dishwasher:

Before you buy dishwashers it is very important to address a few key elements. If you take care of these issues now you should get many years of satisfactory service from your new purchase.

1. Measure your dishwasher space

Before you buy dishwashers online it is vital to measure how much space you have to work with. You should be careful to measure not only the width of the space but also how tall and deep it is. This will be important when selecting a dishwasher so as to not have it sticking out into the kitchen itself.

2. What workload will you give the dishwasher?

If you have a family with lots of children or if you normally cook a nightly meal that uses lots of baking trays, pots and plates then you are going to want a heavy duty dishwasher that is able to handle that workload. If, however, there are not many people in your household you might be able to save some money by getting a less powerful washer that does the job in a more efficient way.

This will also impact on the type of programs that your dishwasher will need to have.

3. Do you want to save power?

If you are trying to cut back on your electricity bills or make your home more environmentally friendly then you should make sure your dishwasher has a good energy rating and has a range of washing options. Many dishwashers now offer an environmentally friendly "economy" wash that uses less power. These dishwashers also use a lot less water which is a high priority for any Australian.

4. What dishwashing powder does it take?

Some dishwashers are designed to be used with a dishwashing liquid whilst others are more suited to powder or modern tablets. This is an important thing to establish before you buy dishwashers as each of these items are greatly varied in price. If you are on a budget you might want to find out whether your new dishwasher will work effectively with the cheapest type of cleaning product.

5. Does it match your home's structure?

Before buying a dishwasher you need to make sure your kitchen is "dishwasher ready". For example, you will need to have a nearby power point plug, flexible pipes to pump water in an out as well as a waterproof area in case of any leaks. Those homes with grey water systems will also need to make sure that the dishwasher is built for such features. Finally, you should check what temperature water the washer requires and make sure it matches your hot water output.

One should also make sure that the new dishwasher matches the style of the home. Stainless steel or glossy white finishes are two of the most popular options.

6. How big are your plates?

Many people forget to select a dishwasher that has rows tall enough to fit their plates in. Every dishwasher is different and it is not guaranteed that every plate or pan will fit inside the way you had hoped.

Types of Dishwashers

Dishwashers now come in a range of shapes and sizes as well as incorporating many different features and inbuilt programs. At Buy Dishwashers we have all the information on the latest brands at the most competitive prices.

Standard Dishwashers

Buy a Standard DishwasherThe standard dishwasher is the type that we are all most used to. It has a simple drop down door with a sliding dish holder that allows you to stack the dishes standing upright and then slide it back inside the washer.

These standard dishwashers usually have very basic features and may not be as energy efficient as some modern counterparts. However, there are many high quality standard dishwashers on the market that perform most of the functions that a regular family would require.

Slimline Dishwashers

Buy a Slimline DishwasherSlimline dishwashers are the perfect alternative for people living in smaller homes, apartments or rental flats. They are a much cheaper option and far smaller in width and depth making them easy to fit into empty cupboard areas.

Slimline dishwashers do not fit as many dishes but are much more efficient in terms of saving water and energy. If you do not use your washer very often or would like to purchase a more "invisible" washer than a slimline dishwasher might be the best option.

Benchtop Dishwashers

Buy a Bench Top DishwasherSimilar to slimline models, a benchtop dishwasher is suitable for people with limited space or kitchens that would require a lot of modification to accommodate a dishwasher. Benchtop dishwashers are very portable and some models come with both plumbed and tap fitting connections. This means you can move the dishwasher when you leave a rental property, or even unplug it when not in use. Benchtop dishwashers are generally only half the size of a standard dishwasher, thus not recommended for a large family. However for couples or single people, benchtop dishwashers are still better than washing up every night.

Dishdrawer Dishwashers

Buy a Dishdrawer DishwasherThe dishdrawer style of dishwasher is the latest in dishwashing technology. It is a fantastic way to wash and store dishes. (sometimes spelt 'dishdraw')

The dishdrawer is usually made of two dishwashing draws stacked one on top of the other. Each dishwasher drawer is an independent washing machine. This allows you to load one drawer with dirty dishes whilst still using the other drawer to take clean cups and plates out of. Then, when that draw is empty, you simply switch over to the newly cleaned drawer. This is a very efficient way of storing and washing dishes!

The dishdrawer type dishdrawers are also extremely quiet. You can also purchase just one draw (effectively half the size of a standard dishwasher). Many people living in small spaces would find this to be a very valuable feature.

Dishwasher Features

Every brand of dishwasher incorporates a different set of features and dishwashing programs. It is important to know what you want in a dishwasher before deciding to buy dishwashers online. Every review on this site outlines the features of each dishwasher. Some important dishwasher features include:

  • Drying capabilities
  • Energy savering dishwashers
  • Flood protection
  • Child lock
  • Dishwashing memory
  • Load sensors
  • Flexible stacking areas
  • Range of modes and programs
  • Method of food scrap dispensing
  • Easy to use touchpad interface

Buy Slimline Dishwashers in Australia

Sick of doing the dishes but only have a small amount of room for a new dishwasher? Are you looking to buy a slimline dishwasher or even a bench-top model? You’ve come to the right place.

Realistically, there are not many options for slimline or small dishwashers, however we will show you which ones are available online and exactly how big (well, small) they are.

A standard dishwasher spot is 600mm wide, and most normal dishwashers are 570-600mm in width. A slimline model usually runs about 75% the width of their full-size counterparts.

So what models of slimline dishwashers are available here in Australia?

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Electrolux Dishwasher Recall

One of our readers recently had a problem with his Electrolux dishwasher, overheating with the potential of fire or scalding. If you are having problems with your Electrolux, Dishlex or Westinghouse diswasher, particularly the control panel heating up, you should read this article in depth. Read about Chris’ story below and check the information about an Electrolux dishwasher warning.

Chris from WA writes:

“On the 30th of July 2008, after some discussions with Electrolux regarding the safety of their machine I was told in an e-mail from Electrolux to disconnect the machine that I had purchased and not to use it.”
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